Here at Quantum Bridge Teaching Club in Blackheath, we run bridge courses at the Quaker Meeting House on Wednesday afternoons.

Our courses are aimed at those who are absolute beginners, improvers or feel their bridge has become a bit rusty or stale and needs a bit of revision to get it up to speed with modern approaches. We also run Supervised Play sessions over the summer where you can just turn up and play. For beginners, even if you know nothing about cards, we have you playing right from the start so that you understand the mechanics of the game through practical experience. For improvers, we generally cover some of the key conventions and various aspects of card play with a mixture of quizzes, videos, theoretical lessons and set deals with instruction of best bidding and play.

We aim to make the process fun and enjoyable and, most importantly, have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Bridge Players at Quaker House

I think the lessons are great. Very thorough and well taught. I’ve found the course booklets very helpful too. They’re clearly written and are a great reference too. Finally, and importantly it’s fun; I enjoy my Wednesday afternoons immensely. Lisa

Feel free to drop us an email or phone Debbie for a chat on 07952 593201.