Welcome to QBC

Welcome to The Quantum Bridge Club based in Eltham, London. It is owned and managed by Mark Pharoah and Debbie Winterbourne, both EBU registered bridge teachers.

We cater for absolute beginners and for those who can already play but would like to improve their game in a friendly and sociable setting. We offer lessons and supervised play sessions and are always on hand every week to give tips and handy hints.

Bridge is the world’s most fun, intellectually stimulating and sociable card games. Contrary to popular opinion, it is a game that anyone can enjoy, whatever their age or ability.

Come and join us for a warm relaxed and friendly welcome in the informal and comfortable environment of the United Reform Church, Eltham. Help yourself to a tea and biscuit and enjoy the company of fellow players while enjoying this most fascinating of games!

Once you’ve completed the Beginners course, or if you already understand the basics of bridge, you may like to take more advanced courses or join our Supervised Play sessions where you can practice your new bridge skills in an informal and fun setting, being able to ask questions from the bridge teachers as you go along.

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